Region of Penafiel, Oporto and Portugal

Porto, World Heritage city, is the major gateway and can be a starting point for a journey through the natural and cultural diversity of the region.

The Douro River flows through the region and is at the door of our hotel. Enter Portugal tight between ravines and mountains to go across the landscape of the World Heritage where growing wines of Porto and the Douro. They pass through here, cruises visiting the region.

In this area of ​​mountains and natural parks, heritage spreads by castles and Romanesque monuments, represented by churches, roads, bridges and sanctuaries, which in the summer are the scenes of major festivals. Beside rural hermitages found the Northern Baroque of Portugal, made of granite and gilded. In the city Penafiel, and throughout the region is easy to find the authentic Portuguese, who genuinely like to receive and share their table and their traditions.

In Penafiel and northern Portugal in general, live remains full, in a natural way of joy and gratitude for all we have and are.

The village of Valpedre is one of the 38 parishes of Penafiel it is precisely in this village which is located the Hotel Rural Quinta das Quintães.